Steve Harvey Son-In-Law Accused of Scamming Spelman & Morehouse Alumni Out Of Almost 300k

Hey Toxic Tea fans, okay well I found this article surfacing the blogs today, and I’m not sure if I truly want to believe in this story. Lets take a second to think about who son this really is!! Steve Harvey got money it shouldn’t be no reason hes son out here doing some out of pocket crazy stuff like this, but what do i know….. heres the story.

To bad for some Alumni of Morehouse & Spelman Colleges because they just found themselves falling victim to a janky ass promoter scheme.

Kareem “DJ BruckUp” Hawthrone  and his T-12 Entertainment company is being accused of scamming alumni with $4,000 VIP packages that promised a night full of bottle popping while “partying with the sharks” on comfortable couches at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium.

Welp, what the alumni got instead were two drink vouchers and futons that came from IKEA. Party goers also claim that the venue was even too dark to see the underwater life they were promised.

Here’s what one of the alumni had to say:

So… normally the party is at Compound… They decided to have it at the Aquarium this year with a theme called, “Party With The Sharks.” People bought  sections ranging from $600- $1600 with extra bottles costing $270. We got there and were escorted to our sections with no bottles! But instead were given 2 drink tickets per person. A homie and his group spent $3250 and didn’t get any bottles either!On top of that we were seated on dam futons and there were no fish!!!

Bottles of Circo were going for $270, Moet was $300, and Hennessy was $275.

She goes on to say that music was horrible and wasn’t loud because it was being played off of a Beats speaker. “The DJ’s were trash. One was so mad at the party, he unplugged his laptop in the middle of the set and left! Leaving us with no music for 10 minutes. It was a glorified networking event. Then the other DJ’s were told to remove the bass from their sound systems because they were making the dolphins anxious.”

It is also alleged that Hawthrone left the party early just so he could celebrate with his stolen riches and friends. According to Bossip, Hawthorne took nearly $300k in profits to another club and popped all night with his T-12 crew.

Word is many of the party patrons are threatening to sue if Hawthrone doesn’t cough up the coins for reimbursement and as of right now it looks like he has no desire to do so. Our roommate also said that he reimbursed her for the $100 security deposit for the table but still hasn’t gotten any word back on anything else.

Well DJ Bruckup took to his Instagram to explain his side and says he has already refunded thousands of dollars.



Now what do yall think about this story? I would’ve been mad just like them party goers. I would’ve pulled up to the party they was at and walked straight to my section that should’ve been in the aquarium with the fishes and popped my bottles I paid for that they’re living lavish with. I just feel like its no way Steve Harvey son really into some janky mess like this.

But for now the party goers took it to twitter and made the incident a time for a little bit of joking :





I’ll keep you guys posted on this janky mess .

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