Back At It Again: Future & Drake Unite Once Again for “Used To This.”{New Video}

After being on tour performing for millions of fans , the two rappers are back at it again with a new single “ Used to This.”

Watch the video below.

Featuring the rappers on a soccer pitch surrounded by female players. They previously collaborated on a mixtape last year, What a Time to Be Alive that was outstanding on the charts .Over the past few months, ATL hitmaker Zaytoven has been teasing fans of his & Future’s long awaited Beast Mode 16 project, saying that it was completely finished back in September, but nothing ever came of it until today that is. At the stroke of midnight, Future decided to release the new song

Quotable Lyrics:

“Lambo come alive man, I’m used to this
No one looks surprised cause we used to this
I’ma make sure that we get used to this
Treat my brother’s kids like they one of my kids
Never looking back on it, we did what we did
Could never find the time for the people I miss
Thought they had my back against the wall
Tell me that I don’t deserve to ball”

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