Father Also Charged After Jealous Baby Mom Kills 17-Month Old Boy

Good Morning Tea Fans, well remember I posted this sad  story yesterday. Well breaking news this morning … The father was also charged. In beginning of the story you would’ve never thought the father had anything to do with the death of his son or want anything to happen to his son. Well this morning you might question he’s doings in the death of his son.

Andre Price Jr., the father of 17-month-old Andre Price III who was smothered to death by his mom, has also been charged.

Christian Clark, 21, was charged Wednesday with criminal homicide after she smothered her young son in an air mattress over suspicions his father was cheating. Clark had been arguing with the father, Price, over text messages throughout the day. She also sent pictures and video of her smothering the couple’s two children, and the young boy’s lifeless body. The child was transported to the hospital after Clark called 911.

Andre Price Jr, 23, took to Facebook Wednesday to express his thoughts. “People don’t know the whole story,” he posted. “I’m not going to make statuses about my son so please nobody else. Let him rest in peace.”

The problem is, this wouldn’t be the first time Clark had been abusive to their children and Andre Price opted to inform Facebook instead of calling the police.


A previous incident occurred on Andre Price III’s first birthday. Clark sent Andre Price Jr. photos of her choking the children because she was upset they were not together. Andre Price Jr. then posted those photos to Facebook with the caption, “These two pictures, she is choking them because we ain’t together.”
Police confirmed that on the night of Andre Price III’s death, Andre Price Jr. made no efforts to intervene or call authorities after the text message exchange with Clark. As a result, Andre Price Jr. was charged with two counts of felony endangering the welfare of a child. He was taken to Allegheny County Jail where he awaits arraignment.


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