Fetty Wap And Alexis Sky Tape Leaks

Damn sis! Alexis Skyy in the media again. Why can’t yall let the girl live in peace!!

Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky sex tape has hit the net!  Although rapper Fetty Wap ended his relationship with the Instagram model many months ago, the fallout still appears to be reaching him, with reports this week that an explicit video of the pair has started to spread online. Although the details are not entirely clear, several celebrity news outlets are now reporting on the video and some have even linked to snippets of the alleged tape. Here’s what the Breakfast Club had to say during the Rumor Report segment. Alexis has taken the tape to instagram apologizing to fans and her family for having to see her in the sex tape degrading herself.

Sources have said Fetty wap said Alexis Skyy head was wack, but not only is she getting back fire from the tape… Fetty wap also has instagram commenters posting the shrimp emoji in regarding to his genital area. These two really need to nip the bullshit and move on.  Fetty  wap has moved onto the stripper Blu from New York and Alexis messing with Offset.

Video below! via Fameolous

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