{VIDEO} “Can I Use A Toothbrush,” Thot Gets Crazy On Kodak Black Instagram Live!

I’m not sure if anyone is aware of Kodak’s shenanigans on he’s Instagram Live all the time, but he is definitely one artist to watch when he goes live.

From “mistakenly,” dropping his phone in the shower and allowing viewers to see his privates, to yesterday in D.C. where a  women or shall I say THOT… came to Black’s hotel and began to perform oral sex on him and his friends while on LIVE!!!!!! Come on now Kodak, that’s not how you treat the ladies?

Despite his impending trial in South Carolina for criminal sexual conduct, Kodak Black thought it wise to record him and friends getting some good ol’ top. He and his boys reportedly ran a train on a woman, and posted it all on Instagram Live late Thursday. Videos of the orgy were taken down but DJ Akademiks took screenshots, which he shared on social media.

The images show a woman performing what seems like fellatio on four or five men all affiliated with the Pompano Beach rapper. According to Akademiks, after she finshing giving up the neck, the women reportedly asked if she could use a toothbrush to brush her teeth! SHIDDDD atleast she asked… some females give head to men and do not brush they teeth after, that will have your breathe on KNOCK OUT!

Kodak Black was quite active on Instagram this week saying he wants to change his ways and go steady with a girl. In another video, he said he thought he had caught an STI because of a pimple on his cheek.  Kodak is currently out on bail. He is banned from ever returning to South Carolina —  except to stand trial.

 Unfortunately, the girl who was in the video did not get a tooth brush, she was sent on her way with no cash.

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