{New Video} Rich The Kid- Soak It Up

“Little Bih I’m Dripping So SOAK IT UP!”

Rumous have stirred saying rapper Rich The Kid apparently might have a new album on the way. With features from Kendrick Lamar, PND, Frank Ocean, Future, Justin Bieber, and more. Let’s not hope Justin Bieber thats a wild mix!

Dat Wayyy originator  will release the third installment in his Rich Forever series ahead of time, and  a new leak from it called “Soak It Up” which arrives in visual fom

Quotable Lyrics:

Ooh, your boyfriend really a loser
Caught him dancing like a bitch go stupid
Rich the racks still flexing, stupid
Head so good I might buy her some Louis (louis)
Lil bitch I’m dripping so soak it up (lil bitch)
They wanna copy the wave (wave)
They wanna copy the style too (whoo)
Bougee bitch actin’ brand new (bitch)

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