{New Mixtape}Lud Foe-#GetWellFoe

We all was wondering how long it be until we heard another project from Lud Foe. If you didn’t know already  On March 5, Lud Foe was involved in a serious car accident with an 18-wheeler, leaving the rapper with broken bones and a number of fractures.

Since the accident the rapper has been rehabilitating and yesterday he dropped his anticipated mixtape ” #GetWellFoe.” The new project has nine tracks, Lud Foe definitely not letting up on this mixtape.  The accident left Lud with two broken wrists, a broken jaw, multiple fractures.

Lud shares the message with his fans.

To all my fans: I’m a SOLDIER,” Lud said in the aftermath of the accident. “They say what doesn’t kill you, only makes you STRONGER. On Sunday morning, I was involved in a car accident with a 18 wheeler that nearly took my life. 2 broke wrist, a broken jaw, all type of fractures & wounds…but I’m still here. 🙏🏽 GOD has a plan for me! Keep me in your prayers as I heal mentally and physically! I’ll be back STRONGER than ever!! #getwellFOE.”


1. “My Life”
2. “Recuperate”
3. “I Sell Dope”
4. “Right Back at It”
5. “No Chill”
6. “Knock It Off”
7. “Go Broke”
8. “Bag”
9. “Star”

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