Cam’ron Says Mase Turned Into A Pastor To Stay Out Of Violence

Oh Boy, don’t we all love a good Insta Live Video with former Dipset member Cam’ron. Ma$e shocked us all when he decided to put the mic down and decided to start rapping for the Lord. Although Ma$e said he left the rap game because he felt he was setting a bad example for his fans, Cam’ron decides to go on Insta Live and give us “his”explanation.

According to Killa Cam, it was the perils of sudden success and the threat of violence that led Ma$e—who also went by Murda Ma$e before he reached mainstream success—to become a preacher.

“Ma$e said, ‘You know what I’mma just start saying I’m in church.’ Ma$e took it too far though, started preaching, all that shit,” Cam explained during Instagram Live. “I see what he was doing with that shit. He was like, ‘You know what? Niggas ain’t gon’ muthafuckin’ harass me if I’m in church.’ That’s what Ma$e did. He was like, ‘Yo, they can’t beef with me, they can’t ask me for nothing, I’m going to throw on a reverend collar and get the fuck out of here, fuck that.’”

Once again Cam is back at it with his chatting, just like he did when he went on and on about Jim Jones interview with HOT 97 owns Dj Funk Flex where many people witness Jim come to tears about the breakup between Dipset and the beef between him and Cam.

Cam also stated that Ma$e’s willingly walked away from being a triple platinum-selling artist was understandable. Although Cam brought up some good points and it also seems believable.

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