G Herbo Debut Album “Humble Beast,” Drops This Summer

Not only is he dropping his debut album “Humble Beast,” he is also doing a joint album with Lil Bibby. During a recent interview for Red Bull’s Sound Select concert series, G Herbo let his fans know the long-awaited debut album, titled Humble Beast, is coming this summer!!!!!

I’m pretty sure singles MuF**ker, and Rain will be on this album.

“My debut album is dropping this summer, Humble Beast,” Herbo explained in his interview just before the Red Bull-sponsored concert with Lil Bibby. “This summer for sure, I’m gon’ scream it out loud to the crowd for everyone to hear.”

In another interview with Bibby at the Red Bull Sound Select Concert, he answered a question about what advice he’d give a younger version of himself. “I would’ve told myself to really take advantage and really spread your wings as an artist.”

Before Herbo gave news about the update on his album, he also touched on his upcoming project with Bibby.

“What’s next for me, right now me and Bibby working on our joint album, we’re going on tour together,” said Herbo. “We got more than 30 songs together right now, up to date, that nobody’s heard.”


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